Our Story

As a toddler, I would always ask my mom for "a milk and a cup and holder," which basically meant that I wanted milk in my favorite Tupperwear sippy cup and a ziplock bag full of something to snack on.

Not much has changed! Sure, my beverage of choice has evolved from milk to diet coke, but I still love having it in an insulated tumbler with a lid and a straw and plenty of ice, and having something to munch on along with it is the dream.

I have loved covering my "milk and cup" in stickers for years now, and being able open a sticker shop to make my own creations is such a joy. You'll find a little bit of everything I love, from Jesus to feminism to writing to mental health and everything in between. 

In the spirit of "milk and a cup and a holder," all of our stickers are lovingly stowed in a ziplock bag before going in their envelope and making their way to you. I hope you absolutely love what you're receiving from my sticker shop!

So raise your "milk and cups" and get ready to deck it all out in the best stickers ever! Whether it's a cup of your own, your laptop, suitcase, notebooks, or lunchboxes, I've got you covered with durable, waterproof stickers to easily show off your style.