Collection: Affirmation Stickers for Kids

Affirmations can be incredibly powerful tools for shaping how we feel about ourselves and the world around us. Equipping your children with a positive internal dialogue can make a world of difference as they go out into the world.

This is what inspired our collection of affirmation stickers for kids! With a variety of positive kid affirmations in a rainbow of fun, bright colors, it's easier than ever for them to remember their affirmations as they go about their day.

Get a three or four inch sticker that they can put on their binder or tumbler, or grab some nine inch stickers to put on their mirror. That way, they can be thinking about their positive affirmations while they're getting ready for the day!

Looking for some affirmations for yourself? Check out our extensive collection of affirmation stickers and give yourself the gift of positive thoughts and good energy.