Can I Put Stickers On My Tumbler? What You Need to Know

Can I Put Stickers On My Tumbler? What You Need to Know

Stickers are such a fun way to express yourself, and looking for new surfaces to display them is an ongoing adventure. You may have found yourself wondering if you can put stickers on your tumbler.

But is this a good idea?

It’s a valid question! With tumblers frequently accompanying you on the go, not to mention they’re sure to come in contact with moisture, the idea may cause you to take cause before applying some of your new stickers.

We’ve got you covered! Here’s the lowdown on displaying stickers on tumblers.

Why Putting Stickers on a Tumbler Is a Good Idea

First things first, the answer to your question is YES! You can absolutely put stickers on your tumbler. Cover that thing up, baby. Leave no trace of what the original color was.

There are plenty of reasons why putting stickers on your tumbler is a good idea. For one, it’s an easy way to express yourself. There are plenty of stickers out there, all in a variety of colors, styles, and sizes. It’s easier than ever to find stickers that perfectly fit your style.

Another reason is that it makes your tumbler more easily recognizable. In a world where a few select brands reign supreme, keeping an eye on your tumbler can be difficult if you’re out with friends who also have their cups on hand. Stickers make it easy for you to immediately know which cup is yours when it’s time to head out.

Need something more? Everyone deserves something that makes them smile. It may be a little thing, but with the right stickers adorning your cup, it can be something that helps buoy you up when you’re feeling down and get you through your day.

How to Choose the Perfect Stickers

Before you go crazy ordering the first stickers that come up in your Google or Etsy search, let’s go over some tips on choosing the right stickers to go on your tumbler.

The first thing you’re going to want to keep in mind is that you’ll need waterproof stickers. It’s pretty much a given that your tumbler will come in contact with water or Diet Coke or whatever it is you’ll be sipping. It’s important that you’re getting stickers that are waterproof so that, when this happens, your stickers will stay firmly on the cup, and the colors won’t run.

So once you’ve found a good source for waterproof stickers, make sure you’re finding options that fit your personal style! Whether it’s a cute image or a saying that resonates with you, make sure you’re getting stickers that make you smile.

Tumbler Maintenance with Stickers

You may be wondering how to clean your tumbler now that it’s adorned with amazing stickers. Does this mean I can never wash it again?

Not quite!

First of all, it goes without saying that you shouldn’t put your tumbler in the dishwasher. Most tumblers aren’t dishwasher safe anyway, but if yours is and you’ve put stickers on it, please don’t run it through a wash! Those stickers may be waterproof, but there’s only so much they can take!

Take care to rinse out your cup, doing your best to keep the water running directly into the cup and not splashing on the sides. Take a wet rag with some dish soap and wipe down the inside, drying it off with a dry towel or letting it drip dry.

Milk + Cup + Holder Designs For All Your Waterproof Stickers

Here at Milk + Cup + Holder Designs, I am absolutely obsessed with making cute stickers that make you say, “wow, that is so me.” Every single one of our stickers features an extra waterproof layer, ensuring that you can put them anywhere, including your tumblers and cups, without worrying about corners lifting and colors running.

With a wide variety of collections available, I’ve prioritized giving you plenty of stickers to choose from. Browse our sticker selection today and find something that you love!
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