Back to School: Your Ultimate School Supply Checklist

Back to School: Your Ultimate School Supply Checklist

The summer is starting to wrap up, which means that the beginning of the school year is almost here! 

Whether you’re preparing your children to head back to class or you yourself are getting ready to hit the books, you’re going to need to snag some school supplies so that you can be properly prepared.

Don’t stress! We have the ultimate school supply checklist, perfect for any grade, as well as some tips on personalizing your supplies so that it’s all easily identifiable. Let’s dive in!

School Supply Checklist

First things first, let’s get that school supply checklist going! While every school has its own expectations and regulations that should be considered, these are the items that every student should have:

Additionally, there are some items that you’ll need on hand for the school year to keep at home. Those include:

  • Computer
  • Printer
  • Ink (black and white and color)
  • Glue
  • Crayons
  • Colored Pencils
  • Markers
  • Posterboard

Why Should I Mark My School Supplies?

Ah, yes. The question of the hour: why should I mark my school supplies?

I mean, it’s valid. We’re already writing names and initials in all of our kid's clothing and outwear, do we really need to mark the school supplies too?

The easy answer: yes.

Think about it! Your little guy begs you for a Spider-Man backpack. Do you know who else is going to have that same Spider-Man backpack in his class? Approximately 4 other kids. Having his name written in the lining or on a keychain attached to a zipper is going to make it so much easier for him to identify at the end of the school day.

There’s also something to be said about kids (and teenagers and adults) accidentally leaving their backpacks and school supplies in places they shouldn’t be. A stray binder left in the cafeteria or backpack in the locker room is easily returned back to its owner if it’s well-labeled.

I know, it’s obnoxious and time-consuming. But you will be so glad you did it, I promise.

How to Help Them Make Their School Supplies Their Own

So what about personalizing your school supplies? That black binder and that yellow notebook could use a little love. 

Enter stickers!

Stickers are an easy way to dress up any item on your school supply list. You can choose one sticker for each item so that it’s easily recognizable, or you could cover the whole thing with stickers until you can’t see the surface anymore.

One of the best things about stickers is that they are an easy way to show off your personal style. There are tons of stickers that feature positive affirmations or even stickers with characters from your favorite TV show or video game. 

Milk + Cup + Holder Designs Stickers: Perfect Personalization

If you’re looking for a reliable resource for all of your sticker needs, look no further than Milk + Cup + Holder Designs! All of our stickers are made with you in mind. With a variety of stickers ranging from affirmations to empowerment and even a few Jesus stickers, we love creating designs that you want to proudly display.

You’ll find that all of our stickers are durable, high-quality, and made to last. They are all made with an extra layer that makes them waterproof, so you’re safe to put them on your water bottle, lunch bag, or other items that may come in contact with water.

Snag a few stickers today to easily make your school supplies your own! Shop now!
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