5 Reasons Why Stickers are So Popular

5 Reasons Why Stickers are So Popular

Stickers seem to be everywhere, and we’re not complaining. With so many cute designs to choose from, we’ve decided it’s time to really lean into the sticker trend.

But its growing popularity really has us wondering- why are stickers so popular lately?

In this blog, we’ll dive into the top five reasons why stickers are steadily growing in popularity and why people are so drawn to them.

  1. Easy Way to Personalize

The first and debatably most straightforward reason why stickers are so popular is because they are such an easy way to personalize your things. 

Think about it- any flat, solid surface can hold a sticker. Some personal favorites include tumblers and cups, my laptop, journals and notebooks, and my phone case. 

But there are so many options beyond those! You could put stickers on your mirror, your furniture, small kitchen appliances like a coffee maker or stand mixer, and of course, there is the ever-classic car bumper.

Put your stickers on items that are typically plain and nondescript to easily make it your own without spending a ton of money. It’s the perfect win-win!

  1. Inspiration at Your Fingertips

Some stickers are as simple as a picture of a cute dog, while others feature inspiring words aimed at driving you forward to fulfill your dreams and become the person you want to be.

I know, it’s a lot for a sticker to do.

Affirmation stickers and positive vibe stickers are very popular right now, and are a great way to keep your goals top of mind. If you’re a religious person and you want some stickers to remind you of your faith, this is another way to keep inspiration top of mind.

Intentionally purchase stickers that speak to you and provide some positive vibes. It may be a small thing, but I promise it makes a big difference.

  1. Simple Way to Promote Your Brand

Are you a business owner, or maybe a sales rep for a company? Getting some custom stickers made and slapping them on your laptop, tablet, or phone is an easy and inexpensive way to promote your company.

It’s also an easy item to give away as merch. Maybe you’re passing them out to your employees or you’re preparing gift bags for a big event that you want to give your attendees. Get other people to put your logo on their belongings and you’re getting your name and logo to a much wider audience.

  1. A Good Conversation Starter

Stickers also prove to be a good conversation starter! Making friends is already hard enough. If you see that someone has a sticker about writing and you love writing, that’s an easy way to start talking to each other.

Or maybe you see that someone has a sticker from your favorite video game, or something about mental health. Use that as a way to start chatting and make a new friend at work or school.

  1. Bring on the Nostalgia

I mean, come on. You can’t tell me that you didn’t love decorating with stickers as a kid! And now as a grown up, you get to continue to deck everything out in stickers.

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