23 Things to Decorate with Stickers

23 Things to Decorate with Stickers

So you’re ready to jump on the sticker bandwagon. It’s pretty dang fun here! 

There are so many different styles and sizes of stickers for you to choose from. It’s easier than ever to find cute, affordable stickers that fit your style and help you to express yourself.

You may be wondering- what can I decorate with my stickers? What should I put my new stickers on? We’ve got you covered!

Take a look at our top 23 things that you can put your stickers on the second they arrive in the mail!

  1. Your Tumbler/Cup

This is easily my personal number one item to put stickers on. For me, the point of butting stickers on items is to express yourself. Your tumbler likely goes with you everywhere you go, so putting your stickers on this item that is always in your hand, at the office, and with you at Target is a great use of that sticker real estate.

  1. Phone Case

Take that solid-colored phone case and really make it your own! Not only will it make your phone more easily identifiable, but you can show off your style more easily. Get one large sticker or a handful of those 2-inch stickers to make a little collage.

  1. Notebooks/Journals

Whether you’re getting ready to head back to school or write in a journal daily, these are great items to put stickers on! If you’re an especially avid writer, be sure to grab some writer stickers (make a category for this) to show off your passion!

  1. Pencil Cases

Another easy item from your school supply checklist to which you can add stickers is your pencil case! Take that $1 plastic pencil case and easily make it your own with a handful of stickers. Done and done!

  1. Helmets

Whether it’s your toddler on their tricycle or your husband on a motorcycle, everyone should be wearing a helmet to stay safe during their multi-wheeled adventures. Let them use this as an opportunity to slap on a few stickers!

  1. Totes/Bins

If you’re anything like me, you feel a million times better when you can keep everything organized in totes and bins. Make them easily recognizable by decorating them with stickers! I have a bin full of stationary covered in stickers; it’s my new favorite thing.

  1. Your Locker

Maybe it’s your locker at school, the gym, or at work. Make it your own by decking it out in your favorite stickers! Stickers can be a great conversation starter, so use that to your advantage to find some like-minded people around you.

  1. Eyeglass Case

Do you have a pair of sunglasses you like to keep with you, or perhaps reading glasses you need on the go? Put stickers on your eyeglasses case! It’s sure to put a smile on your face every time you pull it out of your bag.

  1. MakeUp Bag

Your makeup bag is another great place to put stickers. This is an awesome opportunity for some affirmation stickers. Make up is intended to enhance your natural beauty, and a little sticker that reminds you that you are beautiful the way you are is a great reminder during your morning routine.

  1. Suitcases

Getting ready to jet off on a new adventure? Slap some stickers on your suitcase before you leave! If you’ve ever been waiting at baggage claim trying to differentiate your suitcase from all the others, you know that putting something on your luggage to set it apart is a must. 

  1. Your Bike

Your bike is the perfect place to put some stickers! This is a great opportunity for larger, 4 inch stickers since you have more space to fill. Deck your bike out so that it can match your helmet!

  1. Clipboards

Do you have a clipboard that you frequently use at work or to keep track of tasks at home? This is another great place for your stickers to live. Imagine how delighted everyone will be to see some cute stickers on this item.

  1. File Folders

Those accordion file folders can feel pretty drab. Easily dress them up with a few stickers. Are you keeping something specific in your file folder? Consider looking for some stickers that match the vibe of what you’re storing!

  1. Your Planner/Calendar

If you’re anything like me, you use your planner every single day, multiple times. If i forget my planner at the office, I always get antsy not having it nearby. Put some stickers on your planner! With it being something that you use so often, you deserve to decorate it and make it your own.

  1. Laptop/Tablet

Another one of my personal favortie places to put stickers is on my laptop! Whether you have a laptop of a tablet, this is a great place to put your stickers, especially if it’s something you use often. 

  1. Your Mirror

Your mirror is a fantastic place to put stickers! Especially when it comes to stickers about self-love and positivity. It’s far too easy for us to lose our hold on body positivity when looking in the mirror. Keep some friendly- and pretty- reminders on hand!

  1. Lunchbags

You know those adorable lunch pails, the ones with the little handles on it? Sometimes they have tupperware containers that come with it? These are perfect places for your stickers to live!

  1. Coolers

Do you have a favorite cooler to take with you on camping trips and picnics? This is another great spot to slap some of your stickers. Especially if you’re gathering with friends and family that may be bringing their own cooler, this is an easy way to quickly identify your own when it’s time to wrap up.

  1. Instrument Cases

Do you have an instrument that requires a case, or do you have a child toting their instruments to and from school everyday? Use this as a space to express yourself with your favorite stickers!

  1. Your Stand Mixer

Who here loves baking? I sure do, and some adorable stickers about baking would be the cutest way to dress up your stand mixer a bit. It’s sure to bring a smile to your face every time you get ready to make a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies.

  1. Pencil Cup

I’m obsessed with finding the perfect pen, which means that I have cups of writing utensils all over my house and office. Putting some fun stickers, especially centered around writing, on your pencil cup would be a cute way to add some personality to your desktop decor.

  1. Coffee Machine

Gotta get that cup of joe i nthe morning before you can get things rolling, right? Get some cute stickers for your coffee machine to help you start off your day the right way!

  1. Car Bumper

Perhaps the most classic place to put a sticker is on your car bumper. Wherever you go, you’re able to show off your style and beliefs. Snag a few to dress up your bumper before your next road trip!

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