10 Reasons Stickers Belong In Your Business’s Marketing Strategy (And How to Do It The Right Way)

10 Reasons Stickers Belong In Your Business’s Marketing Strategy (And How to Do It The Right Way)

Finding fresh, effective ways to amp up your business’s marketing strategy will always be a good use of your time. However, it can be challenging to think of new things to do that your competitors haven’t thought of yet.

Have you considered using stickers in your marketing strategy?

Hear me out. There are plenty of reasons why stickers deserve to have a place in your marketing plan! Check out our top ten reasons why they are so effective.

  1. They’re Cost-Effective

First things first, stickers are incredibly inexpensive.If you’re looking at a small order of stickers, you’re likely going to pay as low as $4 per sticker. 

However, if you place a bulk order of stickers, that price goes down significantly. Keep a box of those stickers in your office and you’ll quickly find that there are dozens of ways that they can be used in your marketing strategy.

  1. It’s Perceived As a Gift

Who doesn’t love receiving a little something special? A sticker is definitely looked at as a gift, making it the perfect item to give new clients, prospects, even new employees. 

That person is likely to put that sticker on their laptop, tablet, or water bottle, and all of sudden, your logo is in fron of a whole new audience, one you may have had trouble reaching otherwise.

Have your sales representatives take your logo stickers to networking events to pass out to those they meet along with their business card. It’s likely that that sticker is going to make a bigger impression than anything else.

  1. Easy Way to Get The Word Out On Your Business

Sure, billboards and ads will reach some, but not all. It’s just like in digital marketing- investing time in your SEO efforts is good, but if you want the best reach, you should also be looking at social and Google ads, blog writing, CRO, etc.

As mentioned before, you give someone a sticker, they put it on their water bottle, and all of a sudden, your logo is in front of everyone. The added bonus here is that people can ask that individual what they know about the company, and they can share their first-hand experience with you (which I’m sure was amazing!).

  1. Easy Swag

Maybe you’re putting together a new hire’s workspace and you want to add some company swag, or perhaps you’re assembling some welcome boxes for new clients. Whatever it is, know that stickers make incredibly easy swag.

The tricky thing about swag is that you want to stock up on items that would work for everyone. Among your unisex t-shirts, branded tumblers, and ball point pens, add in a box of stickers that you can pull from for these occasions. 

  1. Old School Social Media

Stickers have been coined “old school social media,” and for good reason! Today, we see businesses working with influencers to get the word out about their company, products, and services. Followers can get all their info from a trusted source.

Stickers have the same effect. People see that someone has a sticker on your laptop featuring your business name and it starts a conversation. They can get their info from a trusted source as well, and just like that, you have new business rolling in.

  1. Label and Promote Your Items

Sure, stickers are an awesome item to add to your swag collection, but they’re also a great way to label all of your own business items. Put a sticker on every monitor in your office. Put them on your laptops and the bottom of your keyboards. Put them on your refrigerator and microwave in the break room.

You get the idea. The possibilities are endless!

  1. Allow Others to Connect With Your Brand

The Rule of 7 states that someone needs to be exposed to something at least seven times before they decide to move forward and learn more. So, as a business owner, you need to come up with as many ways as possible to get your brand in front of someone.

Stickers can do that for you.

I understand that stickers are small, but think about it this way- the more stickers you have out there, the more opportunities you have to get in front of your target market. It’s worth the effort.

  1. They Enhance Your Other Marketing Efforts

Sure, stickers on their own will take a minute to yield results. But when paired with other marketing efforts, you will find that stickers can go a long way. We’ve mentioned pairing them with your business cards while networking, using them to label your items, and for swag. 

  1. Stickers Are Fun

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been obsessed with stickers for a long time. It’s because they’re so dang fun! 

Consider what kind of stickers you can make that would make people smile or laugh. Is there something funny about your company that you can lean into? Perhaps there’s a pun or a joke you can make? That is perfect sticker material. Get creative and have some fun with it!

  1. It Adds to The Experience

You want your company to draw people in and get them interested in what you have to offer. Incorporating stickers will only add to the overall experience that your customers or potential clients have with your brand. If you’re looking to leave a positive impression, stickers are an easy, inexpensive, and low-risk way to do it.

How to Incorporate Stickers Into Your Marketing Strategy

So let’s recap! Here are some of the best, most effective ways to incorporate stickers into your marketing strategy:

-Use them as gifts

-Give them away as swag at events

-Have your sales reps give them out with their business cards while networking

-Put them on items within the company

-Give them to your employees

-incorporate them into your packaging

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